MosInvest - consulting service and audits.

Consulting service and audits
Consulting service and audits


Audit Mission

Audit mission is to verify accounting data. The task of auditors is to unravel the tangle of financial reporting, detect possible errors, provide analysis and instructions for error elimination, and optimize taxation. The cornerstone of the company’s unchallenged reputation consists in continuous perfection of technologies and competence. This is why our customers have full confidence in our specialists.

Unconventional and purely personal approach makes it possible to find new income resources that help improve business. Independence, objectivity and openness in relations with our clients are the basic principles of Mosinvestproject Audit Company. Our mission is completed when our client takes a satisfied breath and successfully goes on doing their business, knowing that their financial statements are in good order.

Basic components
of our work



How the Company was born
The company was created in the 90s of the last century - difficult but interesting years - when the country was embarking on the path of market economy.

During the first half of 1992, a huge number of partnerships and joint stock companies were registered. Company owners felt the need for competent accounting and financial control. There was a demand for smart, active and daring highly qualified economists.

It was then that Mosinvestproject Audit Bureau emerged. New life circumstances called for quick and complex decisions. Resulting unemployment forced many to change their occupations. Thus, clever mathematicians and engineers were transformed into talented auditors. The team was not created in a day. However, everyone who came at the onset of the Audit Bureau, are still working here.


General Director
My profession is closely related to the term “hear”. To hear clients, to hear and understand the team. Audit bureau is not created in one day. The history of our company is that of professionals who have been creating new opportunities for our clients for quarter of a century.

Our team

Each member of our enterprise is unique. All together we make up the strongest team of professionals which will carry out your business through time.

Shvedova Irina
Kudryakov Konstantin
Sigal Alla
Mikhaylova Marina
Karapetyan Karen
Afanasyeva Olga
Asatryan Vera
Bolotova Daria
Buralkova Anna
Vlasova Svetlana
Danileiko Tatiana
Zhivov Valery
Zaitsev Konstantin
Kapustin Alexander
Kovalenko Alina
Kostina Olga
Kulikova Olga
Lobacheva Elena
Lobtsova Natalia
Ambartsumyan Karina
Orlova Alexandra
Smailov Alexander
Pivovarov Anatoly
Timoshkina Lyudmila
Khokhlova Olga
Chukanova Olga
Yangazina Alfia
Bezusenko Tatyana

with experts

Mikhaylova Marina
General Director
I like quality. I like when every last working mechanism is functioning properly. And I do my best to ensure that my customers always receive assistance in maintaining their business stability.
Afanasieva Olga
Leading Specialist
Laws and regulations are constantly changing. To remain a competent specialist one has to improve one’s skills all the time. In other words, learn new things without forgetting the old ones.
Shvedova Irina
Leading Specialist
Since its foundation, Mosinvestproject has been first and foremost a team of professionals. I am confident in our team. After all, we thoroughly select new employees.
Kudryakov Konstantin
Leading Specialist
For me, one of the appealing things in our company is the diversity of tasks. There is a lot of work, and each new project is unique in its own way. I like to invent new formulas for the required calculations.
Karapetyan Karen
Leading Specialist
Each new company is like a new book. You come and begin studying what makes this enterprise tick. You look at the figures and analyze what is happening in this business and how. Each object is interesting in its own way.

About audit

Auditor Sees the Future
- We are the Audit Bureau.

We are doing the auditing work. Fewer than all always understand the difference between auditor’s and accountant’s qualifications. In the first place, let us define who exactly is an accountant. His task is to translate the result of business’ activities into the language comprehensible for the businessman. The accounting work is important and vital not only for the company owner, but also for the public regulatory and supervisory bodies. The accountant is working now and today. This is a daily, diligent, and sometimes hard digging labor. I insist that audit, on the other hand, is a creative occupation. Contractual relations between the auditor and the customer enable the auditor to choose his customer.

The auditor is studying business’ past activities so that in the future the customer’s company could build up a successful business. While creating a business model of an enterprise the auditor takes into account all risks and all tax encumbrances. The auditor is able to forecast the financial and business activity of the enterprise based on the legislation and accounting methodology. The auditor is the accountant’s consultant expressing the independent and well-grounded opinion, who prompts the way to rationally organizing the work, minimizing losses of money funds, and presenting the accounting documents in a proper manner.

Marina Mikhaylova
General Director
Audit is Help to Business
- Who and when needs audit?

Audit is required in several cases. There are some companies subject to undergoing annual audit and obtaining auditor's report. However, our Audit Bureau is most frequently engaged when the necessity arises to provide an objective assessment of enterprise’s activity. For instance, when there is a change of the owner or no business stability. Audit is required by the investor wishing to invest in the business. We make an independent expert examination of enterprise’s financial statements, which ends with the drafting of the auditor's report.

To a large extent our Auditors make a diagnosis of the company’s financial standing. Our duties include consulting customers in the cases when some difficulties arise in developing their tax arrangements. Using state-of-the-art auditing tools defined by law, as well as the international standards, we help businesses obtain the best results.

Karen Karapetyan
Leading Specialist


We have all necessary audit licenses in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Our experts have professional certificates of auditors and tax consultants, and are chartered accountants.


How to drive

Move on outer side of the Garden Ring. From Valovaya Street turn to the right on Verkhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Street, further the first turn to the right to 2nd Syromyatnichesky Lane, then to the right to Melnitsky Lane

How to walk

From the Chkalovskaya subway (on foot 6 min., 450 m) head left to pass 1st Syromyatnichesky Lane, cross Verkhny Syromyatnichesky Square and cross onto Verkhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Street. At the corner of the Gifts shop turn right on 2nd Syromyatnichesky Lane and continue for several meters then turn right to Melnitsky Lane